Hi all,
I've been busy with documentary proposals and grant related writing as of late. Everything seems to be falling into place. Our rough cut showing on April 16 is showing exceptional promise, due to the positive attitude and diligent efforts of Julie Lewis. Thanks Julie!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Fortunately Julie has booked a video crew for the screening night, so everyone can experience highlights of this special evening in Pleasanton here, on our website!

Don & Julie Lewis, 2015

Don & Julie Lewis, 2015

-- Keep in mind that the film is still in the rough cut stage and that future screening opportunities will be well promoted via our Facebook page and here online, once the documentary is fully funded and completed. Thanks to everyone for your continued interest in our effort to share this important story about a great man who helped to define one of the most innovative eras in the history of music.

All the best,

Julie Lewis